That’s what we say when we open our doors and invite you in. Dayon! Welcome to the Negros Oriental, Philippines’ website—your nature adventure destination.

Oriental Negros offers you a chance to commune with Mother Nature. The heavens have blessed this province with more than its fair share of nature’s bounty with a bonus to boot—the warmth and the inherent charm of the Oriental Negrense. 

 Through this page we invite you to discover nature at its freshest. Discover the charming surprise of our lush countryside, fascinating highland adventure, breathtaking caves, magnificent lakes, and scenic beaches, world class marine reserves, alluring dive sites and even playful dolphins and whales, among others.

We also invite you to consider Negros Oriental as your next investment alternative. We are emerging as a promising frontier for investors. And here are four basic reasons why: First, we are strategically located at the heart of the Philippines, in the region called Central Visayas. We are outside of the typhoon belt and have convenient access to markets in the Visayas, Luzon and Mindanao plus, we enjoy the advantage of proximity to prosperous Cebu; Second, living close to nature, we have the advantage of being far from traffic jams, noise and pollution. Here the air is fresher, the scenery greener. Third, we have the right investment climate. An attractive incentives package awaits the smart investor to the province. The Omnibus Investments Code of 1987 and the Negros Oriental Investment Code of 1996 classify investments locating in the province as pioneer industries which entitles them to tax and other incentives; and Fourth, we have a growing pool of educated, skilled and trainable manpower—backstopped by reputable learning institutions led by Silliman University, one of the first and foremost schools in the region.

To discover Negros Oriental is to discover opportunities — for leisure, for business, for better living. It means being in the right place at the right time.

Explore Negros Oriental now! We shall only be too glad to say Dayon and assist you in whatever way we can.