Provincial Jail Warden Joselito Bitoon and two guards have been suspended following the escape of a high-profile carnapping suspect identified as Ricardo Ebasan Jr. from the Negros Oriental Rehabilitation and Detention Center in broad daylight on March 5.

Provincial Attorney Richard Enojo said that Atty. Casiano V. Lomotos Jr. will head a panel that would include Atty. Ryan Buenavista and Atty. Froilan Pinili who will investigate the lapses and degree of culpability of the relieved officials.

In general, visitors are supposed to be received near the Chapel except when they are accompanied by minors. Enojo concluded that the escape was well-orchestrated considering that they took advantage of the set up in which inmates with visitors that included children will be received near the main gate of the jail facility.

Ebasan’s live-in partner identified as Irish Dinglasa brought along with her their child allowing the carnapping suspect to be ushered out from the main building to the visiting area near the main gate. At 11:15 AM, Dinglasa left but Ebasan followed briskly and exited from the main gate to a waiting motorcycle driven by Jury Dinglasa and sped off to freedom.

A disappointed Provincial Highway Patrol Team Leader Insp. Robelito Mariano said that the escape has wasted the efforts of his unit to apprehend Ebasan, the leader of the notorious Ebasan- Dinglasa Carnapping and Robbery Group.

Mariano and Enojo confirmed that appropriate charges will be filed against Ebasan, Irish Dinglasa and Jury Dinglasa, who himself has warrants of arrest for carnapping. The three have since disappeared, but the motorcycle used in the escape has been seized and impounded.