S-0401-2012 Prov’l Governor’s Office 8/31/2012 Big & Sturdy Marketing Globe Cell Card (300), etc. 20,000.00
S-0520-2012 GWBVMH- Guihulngan 9/4/2012 Clarenzon Marketing Diazapam 10mg/ml 55,000.00
S-0525-2012 Prov’l Secretary’s office 8/30/2012 Travis James Enterprises Smart @300 Cellcards, etc. 3,600.00
S-0592-2012 GWBVMH- Guihulngan 8/28/2012 Big & Sturdy Marketing Doppler 79,900.00
S-0641-2012 Bids and Awards Committee 8/29/2012 Algorithm Computer Services Hp Ink jet Print Cartridge 21b, etc. 3,830.00
S-0656-2012 Bais District Hospital 8/31/2012 Macrophil Pharma & Medical Supplies IV Cannula G.20, etc. 165,040.00
S-0652-2012 GWBVMH- Guihulngan 9/4/2012 Jel-R Marketing I.E Gloves #6.0 & 6.5, etc. 55,238.50
S-0658-2012 Prov’l Health Office 8/5/2012 Big & Sturdy Marketing Abdominal pack 12x18x10ply,24x28mesh, etc. 98,786.00
S-0662-2012 Prov’l Health Office 8/30/2012 RPB Commercials Ferrous Sulphate Syrup (120ml) 58,860.00
S-0666-2012 GWBVMH- Guihulngan 9/4/2012 RPB Commercials Gauze Swab/Sponges 3×3100’s, etc. 48,232.80
N-0258-2012 GWBVMH- Guihulngan 8/29/2012 Mighty 4 Enterprises To furnish the services rendered made of Sawing… 2,150.56
N-0481-2012 Prov’l Agriculturist Office 6/1/2012 Edyssa Catering Services Provision of meals… One meals & two snacks… 14,995.00
N-0540-2012 Bais District Hospital 9/4/2012 JR2 Electrokol & Supply For general overhauling replacements of parts.. 12,500.00
N-0574-2012 GWBVMH- Guihulngan 8/29/2012 Jeric Auto Parts Main Bearing 0.25, 4JB1-Isuzu, etc. 6,200.00
N-0578-2012 PGO-Tourism Unit 8/31/2012 4G Auto Parts Liner sleeve Izumi Japan, etc. 41,700.00
N-0592-2012 Prov’l Agriculturist Office 8/30/2012 4G Auto Parts Oil Filter, T7317, Mit. Strada, etc. 3,125.00
N-0625-2012 GWBVMH- Guihulngan 9/4/2012 Allan Peral to furnish the services rendered made of general.. 850.00
N-0627-2012 Prov’l Governor’s Office 9/3/2012 Uny Marketing Steel Locker 11,998.00
N-0664-2012 Prov’l Agriculturist Office 7/18/2012 Edyssa Catering Services Two lunch and one breakfast, one dinner, etc. 24,995.00
N-0668-2012 Prov’l Governor’s Office 7/18/2012 Plaza Ma. Luisa Suites Inn Provision of venue renta, LCD projector… 12,000.00
N-0673-2012 Prov’l Governor’s Office 9/4/2012 Uny Marketing Forcible Entry Tools,etc. 148,250.00
N-0698-2012 Bids and Awards Committee 8/29/2012 Ace Logic Compuer Solutions HDD-Hitachi 500GB Hardisk SATA 4,125.00
N-0730-2012 GWBVMH- Guihulngan 9/4/2012 Jeric Auto Parts Main Bearing 0.50, 4JBI-Isuzu, etc. 6,140.00
N-0732-2012 Prov’l Vice Gov’s Office 8/30/2012 Aggregate Industrial Merchandise Sprayer (for wheat and barley seeds) 36,637.50
N-0742-2012 Mabinay MCH 8/29/2012 D-Lite Commercial Shocks Absorber (Monroe) for Military Jeep 10,320.00
D-0832-2012 GWBVMH- Guihulngan 9/4/2012 Tsaleach Trading Septa Adapter Cleaning Kit,etc. 291,299.00
N-142-2012 Prov’l Vice Gov’s Office 7/26/2012 Fast Autoworld Phil. Corp. To furnish labor, parts, oil and service materials… 28,903.79
N-146-2012 PGO-PSWDO 8/16/2012 Plaza Ma. Luisa Suites Inn Provision of 1 meal and 2 snacks for 50pax… 13,975.00
N-148-2012 Bids and Awards Committee 7/20/2012 THE NewsMag To furnish labor and materials for the publication… 24,696.00
D-154-2012 Prov’l Governor’s Office 1/9/2012 Fast Autoworld Phil. Corp. To furnish, lubricants, parts and services materials… 11,800.00
Contract Prov’l Engineer’s Office 1/20/2012 Bigfoot Construction & Supply To furnish labor, fuel, oil and equipment… 3,761,963.51
Contract Prov’l Engineer’s Office 1/20/2012 Legazpi Premium Dev’t Corp. To furnish labor, fuel, oil and equipment… 2,957,133.00
T-34-2012 Prov’l Engineer’s Office 7/16/2012 Verlyn’s Enterprises Construction Materials 236,000.00