N-278-2021 13-Aug-21 Meg Tech Trading 1 Lot Maintenance of Government Building & other Structure (PGSO)           478,200.00
NE-H182-2021 16-Aug-21 Cherodyll Commercials 76 pcs abdominal pack 12 x 12, 11 x 14, 14 x 17 mesh 10ply & 40 others for GWBVMH           473,649.22
N & M Medical supply 400 pcs administration set , adult & 3 others for GWBVMH              98,141.90
N-H153-2021 11-Aug-21 LJIM Trading 1 pc panel board 3 phase (TQD Bolt on 20 branches) & 27 others for GWBVMH              92,183.50
NE-H134-2021 30-Jul-21 N & M Medical supply 7 kit GenAmplify Bea DX max Automated Extraction Kits (437 rxns/kit) & 30 pkgs PCR tubes 8 strip 0.2ml with separate optical caps (5 boxes x 12 packs x 10 pcs) for PHO        2,346,819.00
NE-H134-2021 30-Jul-21 N & M Medical supply 7 kit GenAmplify Bea DX max Automated Extraction Kits (437 rxns/kit) & 30 pkgs PCR tubes 8 strip 0.2ml with separate optical caps (5 boxes x 12 packs x 10 pcs) for PHO        2,346,819.00
Rpb Commercials 280 kit sansure PCR detection kits (24 rxns/kit) for PHO     13,100,360.00
Cherodyll Commercials 70 pkgs 1000uL filtered sterile pipette tips x 96 tips & 4 others for PHO           584,195.00
N-322-2021 13-Aug-21 Tsaleach Trading 3758 pcs drug testing kits for PGO           293,048.84
S-42-2021 6//8/2021 SUGAR HILLS AGRICULTURAL CORPORATION Construction of Two-Storey Multi-purpose Hall (Phase I), Brgy. Cangmating, Sibulan 622,224.00
N-H176-2021 26-Jul-21 Edyssa catering services meals and snacks for 30 pax on July 29-30; Aug 5-6; Aug 12-13 & Aug 19-20, 2021 for PHO              95,976.00
S-H137-2021 1-Sep-21 Tsaleach Trading 300 tabs AlOH+MgOH 200mg/100mg tab & 30 others for Bayawan District Hospital           282,545.00
NE-H188-2021 25-Aug-21 Cherodyll Commercials 300 piece cover all gown & 7 others for Bindoy District Hospital           309,500.00
S-H145-2021 31-Aug-21 Linde Philippines (south) inc 1000 tanks medical oxygen refill standard 1800PSI/5.6cu/5600 liters for Bayawan D

istrict Hospital

N-358-2021 19-Aug-21 Carol Enterprises For Donation to Barangays,Schools, National Offices Provincewide           405,863.00
To be Used in the Maintenance of Government Vehicles Assigned in the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist           155,760.00
N-251-2021 30-Jul-21 Kens trading To be used in temporary isolation and holding facility and Evacuation centers during hihg density Population Events. DRRM and health related emergencies and disasters           399,000.00
N-160-2021(A) 25-May-21 Savory Fastfood & Catering Services Provision of Three(3) Breakfast, Three (3) Lunch, Three(3) Dinner           166,950.00
N-242-2021 30-Jun-21 AJM Auto Parts trading For use in the Service vehicle assigned in the office of the Governor              32,310.00
N-242-2022 30-Jun-21 4G Auto Parts For use in the Service vehicle assigned in the office of the Governor           174,290.00
S-26-2021 18-Aug-21 Tsaleach Trading Operation of the Provincial Agriculture & Fishery Council              29,669.00
S-26-2021 18-Aug-21 Yel-o Marketing Operation of the Provincial Agriculture & Fishery Council              43,238.00
S-12-2021 6/18/2021 YEL-O Marketing Const. of River Control at Purok Lubi, Brgy.Malaunay, Valencia, Neg. Or. 52,313.75
N-392-2019 12/27/2019 LJIM TRADING Const. of Multi-purpose Building/Evacuation Center Barangay Lonoy, Bais City 165,390.00
N-330-2021 13-Aug-21 Ike’s Restaurant & Catering Services Provision of Meals & Snacks           250,320.00
S-284-2020 12/28/2020 Verlyn’s Enterprises Repair/Rehabilitation Water Works System, Napasuan, Mabinay, Neg. Or. 95,953.00
S-79-2020 8/12/2020 LJIM TRADING Improvement of Valencia Industrial Park, Purok Calamansi, Palinpinon Valencia, Neg. Or. 392,208.00
NA-389-2021 19-Aug-21 National Food Authority For use SCAAs and Bantay Gubat-Rice Subsidy        1,052,500.00
N-58-2021 7/29/2021 Raz Gas Service Station Fuels for Imp. Of Banwague Road, Guihulngan City, Neg. Or. 55,280.00
N-138-2021 9/2/2021 PRECIOUS DON TRADING For Various Equipments in the Equipment Pool of the Provincial Engineers Office. 477,000.00
N-H130-2021 23-Jun-21 Edyssa catering services meals and snacks for 50 pax on June 23-24, 2021 for PHO              49,970.00
SU-H134-2021 31-Aug-21 J-sam’s Link Trading 40 pcs Cover Allgown, Med/Large-Washable & etc. for Mabinay Medicare Community Hopital use              57,458.00
S-279-2020 12/29/2020 Verlyn’s Enterprises Improvement of School Building at Ayungon National High School – Carol-an Extension, Ayungon Neg. Or. 302,089.37
S-301-2020 12/28/2020 Verlyn’s Enterprises Improvement of WWS Brgy. Suba, Mnajuyod, Neg. Or. 485,307.17
N-312-2021 25-Aug-21 Boss Enterprises Maintenance of Government BLDG. & Facilities (Construction Use)           133,240.00
N-296-2021 26-Aug-21 ESJ Glass and aluminum supply To Furnish Labor and Materials for thr repair of Glass Doors           132,905.00
S-266-2021 12/16/2020 AC/DC ENTERPRISES Rehabilitation/Improvement of Drainage System and Road Sidewalk within Brgy. Poblacion 6, Dumaguete City   991,458.84
N-150-2021 2-Jun-21 Boss Enterprises For Use during the Training of Trainor(TOT) and GAD -Livelihood Trainings,Provincewide           187,487.50
N-249-2021 14-Jul-21 Ace Logic Computer Solutions For Office Use           169,900.00
N-332-2021 19-Aug-21 Du Ek Sam Inc For Use of the GAD-Livelihood trainings,provincewide           995,300.00
N-245-2021 7-Jul-21 A&A’s Eatery & Catering Services To Provide Meals (Lunch ) & snacks (AM & PM)              54,100.00
S-61-2021 15-Jun-21 AFG Office Supplies Trading For Use in the Office Of The Provincial Assessor           160,879.83
N-1109-2020 10-Dec-20 Caballes Printing Press To furnish labor and materials for the production of General  Forms              57,850.00
S-196-2020 9/23/2020 MARIZ HARDWARE & CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES Rehabilitation and Improvement of Sibulan-Maslog Provincial Road, Sibulan, Neg. Or. 215,839.82
S-70-2021 8/10/2021 MARIZ HARDWARE & CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES Construction of Flood Control Dike Brgy. Bagawines, Vallehermoso, Neg. Or. 136,303.00