NA-H281-2021 21-Oct-21 Newborn Screening Center – Central Visayas 800 kits expanded newborn screening kits for Guihulngan District Hospital        1,400,000.00
NA-H212-2021 30-Aug-21 Newborn Screening Center – Central Visayas 850 kits newborn screening expanded for Bayawan District Hospital        1,487,500.00
SU-H160-2021 16-Sep-21 Margal Medical Supplies 30 gals alcohol isoprophyll 70% gallon & 14 others for Mabinay Medicare Community Hospital              59,077.00
S-H162-2021 20-Oct-21 Rpb Commercials 300 bots IV fluids, D5LR 1L & 3 others for Bais District Hospital           112,347.00
NE-H193-2021 16-Sep-21 Rpb Commercials 20 pcs breathing circuit with watertraps 1.6m length with 0.8m limb with luer lock elbow & 12 others for PHO           612,559.55
S-H179-2021 6-Oct-21 J-sam’s Link Trading 30 bot calibration A 400ml & 5 others for PHO           993,273.90
N-H262-2021 20-Oct-21 Pick Gas Station 1 lot diesel fuel for PHO              79,499.00
S-H183-2021 8-Oct-21 J-sam’s Link Trading 37 reams paper bond long subs 20 500’s/ream & 47 others for CPH              59,819.15
S-H166-2021 16-Sep-21 J-sam’s Link Trading 10 kit dengue duo, (Ag IgG & 11gm) 30 test/kit, rapid test & 9 others for PHO           348,954.75
Bio1 Medical Warehouse Inc. 14 bags blue tips 1000/bag & 5 others for PHO           351,300.00
S-H150-2021 10-Sep-21 Berovan Marketing Lot 1 50 pcs catheter foleybag 3-way 30cc ballon Fr 18 sterile, naural rubber latex silicon elastometer bonded & 6 others for PHO           238,014.00
J-sam’s Link Trading Lot 2 50 alcohol isosprophyl 70% 500cc screw type  cover & 5 other & Lot 3 6 bags blue tips 1000/bag & 7 others for PHO           384,909.00
N-381-2021 26-Aug-21 Yel-o Marketing Purchase of Other Supplies           114,973.00
N-400-2021 13-Sep-21 Algorithm Computer Services For the use in Various Vehicle assigned in Vice Governor’s Office           329,120.00
S-93-2021 4-Oct-21 Global Copier Trading Various Office Supplies(2lots)              23,750.00
S-93-2021 4-Oct-21 LJIM Trading Various Office Supplies(2lots)              87,133.30
N-431-2021 16-Sep-21 Carol Enterprises For use During the GAD-Livelihood Training,Provincewide           454,437.80
S-87-2020 8/24/2020 RAV’S ENTERPRISES Concreting of Maglahos Provincial Road, Maglahos, Vallehermoso, Neg. Or. 356,229.29
S-93-2020 8/25/2020 RAV’S ENTERPRISES Rehabilitation & Impt. Of Cabaron-Quezon, Provincial Road, Vallehermoso, Neg. Or. 159,318.99
S-H202-2021 22-Oct-21 Rpb Commercials 500 vials purified chick embryo cell culture vaccine for PHO           898,950.00
N-H196-2021 26-Aug-21 R.Mikel Marketing 2 gal paint clear gloss & 13 others for Siaton District Hospital              82,955.00
S-88-2021 4-Oct-21 LJIM Trading For the Provincial Accountant’s Office              86,583.50
N-545-2021 13-Oct-21 Edyssa catering services Provision of 1 packed Lunch and two(2) snacks (AM&PM)for (360)pax           143,928.00
N-506-2021 7-Oct-21 4G Auto Parts various spare parts           388,452.00
S-98-2021 18-Oct-21 R2H Enterprises for office use              49,828.00
N-518-2021 20-Oct-21 Boss Enterprises to furnish labor & materials for the repair of water system @ capitol Building              68,800.00
N-555-2021 25-Oct-21 R2H Enterprises 4 pcs tire – 265/65 R17 for PGO              49,980.00
N-151-2021 9/30/2021 JRC Auto Supply For use of variuos equipments in the Equipment Pool of the Provincial Engineer’s Office 210,425.00
N-713-2020 23-Oct-20 Kens trading 1 unit Underwater Digital Document Device for PGO-PDRRMC              53,000.00
N-400-2021 13-Sep-21 Algorithm Computer Services 4 units All in One Desktop Computer & 4 units All In One Printer (Print, Scan,Copy) for he use in various Vehicle Assigned in Vice Governor’s Office           329,120.00