N-22-2022 PPDO 03/04/22 thundergale lubes and fuel trading for use in various vehicles Stationed at PPDO- Diese Fuel              58,750.00
N-13-2022 PGO 02/25/22 Carol Enterprises for use in the office of the governor-30 can Airfreshener 320ml and 22 others           286,912.05
N-13-2022 PGO 02/25/22 Yel-O Marketing for use in the office of the governor -35 bottle alcohol, 250ml,70%, ethly and13 Others              86,149.70
S-3-2022 PGO 03/21/22 Carol Enterprises for use in the office of the governor-150 pcs Ballpen (assorted), good quality, 07mm and 29 Others           287,986.75
S-3-2022 PGO 03/21/22 Yel-O Marketing for use in the office of the governor-200 pcs Ballpen (assorted) 0.5mm and 30 Others           307,153.95
N-8-2022 PGO 02/18/22 GPA GAS REFILL STATION for the use in the office of the governor- 1 lot Diesel           299,955.24
N-24-2022 PGO 03/11/22 Ljim Trading 500 liters Oil for Diesel SAE 15W-40 & etc. for use in the Office of the Governor           405,901.25
NE-25-2022 PGO-PDRRMC 3/18/20220 LAF FOOD Trading for use in the relief operations of the affected population caused by typhoon odette- 198000 pcs Noodles Assorted and 2 Others        7,971,009.30
N-27-2022 Budget 03/21/22 Ace Logic Computer Solutions for the use – 3 units 3 in 1 printer, A4 All-in-one Ink Tank Print, Scan Copy Inkjet (piezoelectric) ISO and 2 Others           149,320.00
N-19-2022 PGO 03/11/22 Jeric Auto Parts and Enterprises Various Spare Parts- Lot-1 PGO              15,170.00
N-19-2022 PGO 03/11/22 Ljim Trading Various Spare Parts- Lot-2 PGO           458,345.00
N-415-2021 09/28/21 GPA Gas Refill Station   1 Lot Diesel For the use in the Office of the Provincial Governor’s Office           349,800.00
S-H5-2022 Bindoy 02/24/22 CHERODYLL COMMERCIAL 12 pcs. Catheter, Foley bag Fr-12 and 26 others           524,552.95
N-H1-2022 Bindoy 02/25/22 St. Michael Enterprises 5 box Antibac, Liquid Sop, 20’s and 4 others              73,364.90
S-H2-2022 Bindoy 02/28/22 St. Michael Enterprises 200 pcs Ballpoint Pen Black/red/blue and 19 others              60,188.00
SU-H20-2022 Bindoy 03/11/22 RPB COMMERCIALS Plain Saline 500ml & 6 others           170,116.10
NE-H362-2021 11/26/21 Berovan Marketing Inc. for the use at CSR Section-500 pcs Bulb Syringe Irrigation 60cc, with tip protector and 8 Others           459,900.00
S-H325-2021 12/29/21 Macrophil Pharma & Medical supplies for the use at talay rehabilitation center- 200 bxs Chlorpromazine 100 mg tab x 100’s and 3 Others           664,692.00
N-716-2021 11/26/21 Fahrenheit Ref. & Airconditioning Service Center Split type Airconditioner 2.5 HP – PTO              74,980.00
N-393-2019 12/5/2019 SELLMARK STORE Construction of Multi-Purpose Pavement in Brgy. Malaiba, Canlaon City, Neg. Or. 135,485.00
N-06-2022 3/30/2022 Precious Don Trading For use of various equipment’s in the Equipment Pool of the Provincial Engineer’s Office 498,332.00
SU-H344-2021 12/29/21 Margal Medical Supplies 50 sets Infusion with Burette 150cc & etc. for Mabinay Medicare Community Hospital use              79,650.00
S-87-2020 8/24/2020 UYCOM ENTERPRISE Concreting of Maglahos Provincial Road, Maglahos, Vallehermoso, Neg. Or. 285,901.00
N-787-2021 12/20/21 HOTEL ESSENCIA Provision of MEALS (BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER) and SNACK (AM/PM)           174,000.00
S-77-2021 8/11/2021 Verlyn’s Enterprises Repair & Maint. Infra.-Assets (Provincial Roads & Bridges) Malabugas-Aliis, Prov. Road, Neg. Or. 921,224.20
N-49-2022 PGSO 03/21/22 ERT INDUSTRIAL TRADING CORP. for the Government vehicles use (PGSO)-1 lot Diesel Fuel           211,500.00
S-158-2021 12/29/2021 Verlyn’s Enterprises Construction of School Stage at Malongcay Dacu H/S, Dauin, Negros Oriental 250,073.11
N-33-2022 PGO-PESO 03/25/22 Lynel Enterprises For the use iof Livelihood Skills Training (Massage Training & Rug Making ) 2 Lots – PGO-PESO           157,487.00
N-31-2022 PGO-PESO 03/16/22 Edyssa Catering Services Provision of Meals and Snacks 2 lot -PGO-PESO              84,474.00
N-16-2022 PGO-Tourism Unit 02/24/22 Edyssa Catering Services Provision of Meals for the MoTorismo 2022 ( Lalawigan ko, Liboton ko)
Participants and committee member as part tof the Negros Oriental
Tourism Recovery Initiatives which is Included in the Negros
Oriental Product Development Plan
N-H344-2021 12/15/21 LJIM Trading 350 length Deformed Steel Bar 12mmx6m           364,818.24
NE-34-2022 3/17/22 RV’s PLANT NURSERY & AGRI TRADING Reforestation Program in priority areas in the Province (4 Lots)           5,093,750.00
N-563-2021 10/20/21 Algorithm Computer Services UNINTERRUPTABLE POWER SUPPLY(Good Quality)           109,350.00
N-754-2021 12/06/21 J-sam’s Link Trading   24 pcs Trash Bins w/ Cover & Wheels, 100 Ltrs. for ENRD OFFICE           107,976.00