D-974-2020 11/3/2020 Negros Saturn Marketing 8 cartridge toner cartridge (MX-237FT, sharp AR-6020E) & 4 cartridge toner cartridge (AR-016FT Sharp 5320E) for PHO 116,780.00
NE-1275-2020 12/10/2020 N & M Medical supply 8 kit GenAmplify Bea DX Max Automated Extraction Kits (437 rxns/kit) for use if PHO Tech. Div. Dgte City 2,031,966.40
Rpb Commercials 304 kits Sansure PCR Detection Kits (24 rxns/kit) & etc. for use if PHO Tech. Div. Dgte City 16,120,286.10
S-49-2020 UYCOM ENTERPRISE Rehabilitation and Improvement of San Antonio – Malindog, Prov’l. Road, Sibulan, Neg. Or. 265,221.00
S-98-2020 UYCOM ENTERPRISE Rehabilitation and Improvement of San Jimalalud – Bangkal, Prov’l. Road, Jimalalud, Neg. Or. 129,508.50
D-195-2019 6/5/2019 METRO DRUG INC. 2 kit AFP calset & 20 others for PHO use 676,995.50
S-13-2020 RAV’S ENTERPRISES Rehabilitation and Improvement of Jimalalud – Bangkal, Prov’l. Road, Jimalalud, Neg. Or. 657,281.50
N-716-2018 ON-LINE TRADING Rehabilitation and Improvement of Bio-os Jantianon Prov’l. Road Amlan, Neg. Or. 104,705.50
S-H9-2021 3/23/2021 Rpb Commercials 1 kit total cholesterol for Guihulngan District Hospital 41,000.00
Cherodyll Commercials 200 pcs administration set adult & 64 others for Guihulngan District Hospital 533,262.65
S-200-2020 YEL-O Marketing Addt’l. Approp for the Const. of Multipurpose Evacuation Center, Brgy. Balaas, Manjuyod, Neg. Or. 569,250.66
S-1-2021 3/24/2021 Carol Enterprises 10 cans airfreshener 320ml & 18 0thers for PGO 87,698.90
N-18-2021 3/23/2021 ESJ Glass and aluminum supply To furnish labor & materials for the repair & installation of glass for PGSO, NOCC-hotel and legislative bldg. 383,800.00
N-9-2021 3/24/2021 LJIM 1 set disc pad multicab  for PGO (Lot 3 only) 181,159.00
S-3-2021 3/24/2021 Carol Enterprises 75 pcs cellcards 300 globe & 2 others for PGO 66,894.00
N-1132-2021 12/10/2020 Tsaleach Trading 1 unit Portable Ultrasound for CLLMMH use, Siaton Neg. Or. 499,900.00
S-269-2020 Adrian Trading Const./Rehabilitation of Brgy. Health Center in Brgy. Pob. 1, Siaton, Neg. Or. 31,277.49
S-281-2020 Adrian Trading Improvement of Multipurpose Evacuation Center, Brgy. Inalad, Siaton, Neg. Or. 175,137.84
N-04-2021 3/25/2021 PRECIOUS DON TRADING Various Spare Parts 342,760.00
S-2-2021 3/24/2021 Carol Enterprises 1 pack battery size AA alkaline and 15 others for PGO 135,761.50
Ljim Trading 9 reams bond paper-short subs 16 and 10 others for PGO 60,562.60
Yel-o Marketing 60 pcs ballpen assorted and 43 others for PGO 214,061.95
S-521-2020 12/29/2020 Ljim Trading 30 bots alcohol, 70% antiseptic/disinfectant 500ml & 39 others for ENRD 93,189.00
N-296-2020 11/9/2020 ERT INDUSTRIAL TRADING CORP. Concreting of Farm-to-Market Road, Barangay Cabugan Bindoy, Neg. Or 101,400.00
S-237-2020 9/16/2020 YEL-O Marketing Const. of Spring Box & Distribution Lines at So. Amalao Brgy. Tagpo, Bais City, Neg. Or. 324,226.67
NE-1353-2020 12/28/2020 Cherodyll Commercials 5000 vials cefuroxime 75mg/vial & 20 others for Bayawan District Hospital 999,928.00
N-11-2021 3/29/2021 Jev Filoil Gas Station 44,440 liters fuel (diesel) for Provincial Vice Governor’s office 193,140.00
S-66-2020 LJIM TRADING Improvement of WWS Barangay Eli, Jimalalud, Negros Oriental. 273,624.64
N-954-2020 12/28/2020 Ramar Kooling system & services 1 unit Airconditioner for Office of the Secretary to the SP use 128,350.00
B-173-2019 ZV FISHING & CONSTRUCTION SUPPLES Project 1-Four (4) Lots Const. Materials for use in the Concreting of Brgy. Road, Libjo, Dauin, Project 2- Two (2) Lots Const. Materials for use in the Additional Appropriation for the Development of Balanan Lake Tourism Facilities, Siaton, Neg. Or 466,566.75
N-351-2019 ZV FISHING & CONSTRUCTION SUPPLES Repair/Improvement of the Slope, Sitio Cambonbon, Brgy. Sandulot, Siaton, Neg. Or. 114,688.00