NGO-38-2021 4/23/2021 Negros Oriental Drug Rehabilitation Center To procure sevices  of a Non-Government organization to undertake the operation and maintenance of the Negros Oriental Drug rehabilitation Center at talay, Dumaguete City. 2,500,000.00
S-288-2020 12/28/2020 YEL-O MARKETING Concreting of Road, Barangay Pulantubig, Dumaguete City 40,780.20
NE-1341-2020 12/29/2020 Clarenzon Marketing 80 box basolyse I 5L 1 box & 24 others  for PHO 7,487,610.00
D-H119-2021 30-Jun-21 J-sam’s Link Trading 1 ml glucose 600ml  & 17 others for Siaton District Hospital 206,639.00
D-H120-2021 29-Jun-21 Clarenzon Marketing 1 liter minilyse 1L & 3 others for Siaton District Hospital 87,000.00
S-H87-2021 30-Jun-21 Rpb Commercials 700 amps diazepam 10mg/2ml & 400 amps midazolam for PHO 282,525.00
NA-H136-2021 30-Jun-21 National Food Authority 160 sacks NFA Rice 50kgs, per sack good quality for PHO 200,000.00
NE-H103-2021 30-Jun-21 Tsaleach Trading 600 bots IV fluids Plain LR 1L & 2 others for Bais District Hospital 107,000.00
N-H90-2021 25-May-21 Edyssa catering services meals and snacks for 160 pax on May 25-26, May 27-28, June 3-4 & June 10-11, 2021 for PHO 159,900.00
N-H61-2021 30-Jun-21 Rpb Commercials 5 pcs oxygen cell sensor for PHO 122,445.00
N-H94-2021 29-Jun-21 Uymatiao Petron Service Center 5000 liters diesel fuel for PHO 198,500.00
S-H76-2021 29-Jun-21 Travis James Enterprises 200 pcs ballpen black & 12 others for Bayawan District Hospital 59,965.27
S-H58-2021 29-Jun-21 Linde Philippines (south) inc 1000 tanks medical oxygen refill standard 1800PSI/5.6cu/5600 liters for Bayawan District Hospital 544,000.00
NA-H143-2021 29-Jun-21 Provincial Treasurer’s Office 45 box official receipts accountable forms #51 & 5 box general form no. 103- cash book for PHO 362,934.00
N-H75-2021 29-Jun-21 Ace Logic Computer Solutions 8 unit desktop personal computer for Siaton District Hospital 359,920.00
S-H92-2021 30-Jun-21 Rpb Commercials 10 pcs catheter thoracic, X-ray opaque sentinel line, tamper proof seal assorted fr. Sizes sterile & 100 drainage plastic bottle set 2L capacity compatible w/ drainage tubing set single use for PHO 354,480.00
JAC Medical Distributors 200 pcs needles, spinal G23x3 1/2″ with specs., good quality per sample & 450 pcs needles, spinal, G25x3 1/2″ with specs. Good quality per sample for PHO 52,000.00
N-100-2021 May 12,2021 ERT Industrial Trading Corp. 1 lot disel fuel for Agriculturist 153,600.00
N-156-2021 June 18,2021 Ace Logic Computer Solutions 2 lots I.T. Equipments for Provincial Internal Audit Services Office 70,400.00
S-42-2021 june 16,2021 Ljim Trading 100 reams bond paper long 70gsm & 19 others for Bacsecretariat 85,024.00
S-244-2020 12/16/2020 ZV FISHING AND CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES Const. of Drainage Canal at Bliss, Brgy. Pob., Sta. Catalina, Neg. Or. 360,795.50
N-114-2021 May 19,2021 Carol Enterprises 200 pcs trophies small and 4 others for PGO 380,353.10
S-13-2021 April 28-2021 Carol Enterprises 20 cans airfreshener 320 ml and etc. for PGO 213,165.00
Yel-o Marketing 20 cans airfreshener 320 ml and etc. for PGO 23,094.00
S-206-2020 10/13/2021 Verlyn’s Enterprises Impt.of Brgy. Road from Brgy. Bugnay-Napasuan-Tadlong Mabinay, Neg. Or. 295,457.73
S-529-2020 12/28/2020 Rpb Commercials 60 pcs bloodlines & 9 others for PHO 404,564.00
NA-263-2021 7/6/2021 National Food Authority 465 sacks NFA rice 50kgs for NODRC 581,250.00
S-132-2020 9/18/2020 MARIZ HARDWARE & CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES Improvement of MPP at So Naulaan Barangay Danawan Bindoy Neg. Or. 111,928.50
N-H30-2021 5/20/2021 Ace Logic Computer Solutions 2 units computer desktop core i5 for Mabinay Medicare community Hospital 59,900.00
S-151-2020 8/25/2020 LJIM TRADING Construction or Rehabilitation of Evacuation Center at Brgy. Manlipac Bais City 74,752.29