S-H339-2021 23-Dec-21 Dumaguete Upholstery and textile Center and Verlyns Enreprices Sewing machine belt and others           574,657.00
S-H324-2021 15-Dec-21 Cherodyll Commercian and Valumed pharmacy Atracuruim 2.5 ml and 7 others           594,700.00
NE-H402-2021 10-Dec-21 Dewan Trading Oygen Refill Big           129,850.00
NE-H431-2021 29-Dec-21 N&M Medical Supply Amoxicillin+potassium clavunate 1.2 mg.vial and others           984,450.00
S-H310-2021 29-Dec-21 Macrophil Pharma & Medical supplies Polyglycolide lactide, braided, coated absorbable surgical and others           989,340.00
S-H308-2021 29-Dec-21 Macrophil Pharma & Medical supplies Ampicilin + Salbactam 750 mg vl and others           916,210.00
S-H254-2021 25-Nov-21 Bio1 Medical Warehouse, Inc & J-SAM’s LINK TRADING ASO Rapid test and others              66,220.00
J-sam’s Link Trading ASO Rapid test and others           911,291.00
N-1308-2020 22-Dec-20 J-sam’s Link Trading Screen door closer and others              50,485.25
N-707-2021 5-May-21 Jeric Auto Parts and Enterprises  6 pcs. HUB BEARING ASSEMBLY & etc. for Office of the Vice-Governor           210,558.00
N-696-2021 2-Dec-21 LJIM Trading 3 Lots: AWG 14 STRA BLACK X 150M / BOX, AUTOMOTIVE WIRE #8 AWG, HACKSAW BLADES and others              88,917.00
S-138-2021 3-Dec-21 Carol Enterprises Airfreshener 280ml/150g min and others           198,775.50
N-191-2021 12/7/2021 CAROL ENTERPRISES For use of various equipment’s in the Equipment Pool of the Provincial Engineer’s Office 178,370.00
S-88-2021 8/20/2021 Ljim TRADING Imprv’t of So. Ayac-acan Road, Brgy. Balayong Pamplona, Neg. Or. 72,903.38
S-H252-2021 18-Nov-21 Cherodyll Commercials Azithromycin 500mgcap/tab and others           440,962.70
NE-H375-2021 22-Dec-21 RPB Commercials 100 pcs Cover All Gown (Hazmat) & etc. for Bais District Hospital use, Bais City Neg. Or.           124,338.70
NE-H373-2021 21-Dec-21 RPB Commercials 200gals (70% solution) & etc. for Bais District Hospital use, Bais City Neg. Or.           752,245.65
S-H319-2021 29-Dec-21 Cherodyll Commercial 20 rolls Cotton 400grams & etc. for Bais District Hospital use, Bais City Neg. Or.           288,612.72
S-H274-2021 21-Dec-21 St. michael Enterprises 50 rms. Book paper sub 20 (short) & etc. for Bais District Hospital use, Bais City Neg. Or.              50,946.15
N-685-2021 19-Nov-21 Copylandia Office System Corporation 2 units Photocopier (3 in 1 ) Multifunctionality for PGO              96,000.00
N-119-2021 19-May-21 A & A’s Eatery & Catering Services  Various Training Meals (N-119-2021)              79,461.00
S-114-2021 10/7/2021 Verlyn’s Enterprises Improvement of Valencia Industrial Park, Purok Calamansi, Palinpinon Valencia, Neg. Or. 51,165.10
S-128-2021 11/26/21 LJIM Trading 65 bxs Computer Continuos Form, 1 ply 11″x9 1/2″ & etc. for the Provincial Accountant’s Office           300,476.28
N-619-2021 11/03/21 Ms. Ann’s Foodtown PROVISION OF ONE(1) AM SNACKS & ONE (1) PACK LUNCH 300PAX              67,395.00
N-548-21 10/21/21 Ms. Ann’s Foodtown provision of 1 breakfast(packed) 3 pack lunch, 3 pack dinner 120pax ,3 days           125,460.00
N-775-2021 12/10/21 Ms. Ann’s Foodtown Provision of 1 lunch, 2 snacks AM PM and 1 dinner 250pax           112,460.00
NE-792-21 12/22/21 Ms. Ann’s Foodtown Provision of 3 breakfast(packed) 2 pack lunch, 3 breakfast buffet, 2 buffet lunch, 3 dinner buffet, 4 snacks am pm -60pax ,155pax/packed, 4 days           344,594.25
S-54-2021 8/12/2021 SUGAR HILLS AGRICULTURAL CORPORATION Const. of Multipurpose Hall/Evac. Center, Brgy. Tubtubon, Sibulan 663,667.25
S-277-2020 12/28/2020 SUGAR HILLS AGRICULTURAL CORPORATION Construction of Waterworks System at Sta. Cruz Nuevo, Tanjay City, Neg. Or. 669,228.45
S-71-2020 8/20/2020 SUGAR HILLS AGRICULTURAL CORPORATION Improvement of Road from So. Cayaocao, Brgy. Narra, Bayawan City passing So. Nursery, Brgy. Lonoy, Bais City up to Brgy. Proper of Brgy. Sto. Niño, Tanjay City, Neg. Or. 225,227.00
S-25-2021 5/18/2021 SUGAR HILLS AGRICULTURAL CORPORATION Improvement of Road at Habitat 1, Bajumpandan, Dumaguete City 273,699.24
N-753-21 12/29/21 Ace Logic Computer Solutions Outdoor Wireless AC AP/Bridge and 4 others           160,710.00
N-766-2021 12/10/21 Carol Enterprises  Service award ring w/ engraving (18K, 2.4 grams, size 6) & etc. for PGO           377,079.70
N-737-2021 11/26/12 A & A’s Eatery & Catering Services Provision of 2 lunch and 4 snacks. 80 pax 2 days              63,520.00
NE-793-2021 12/13/21 Quantum Dlux Tour Services Provision of VAN, SUV, and PICK-UP Rental           230,500.00
N-579-2021 10/28/21 Santillan Rental and Trading To furnish labor and materials           968,120.00
N-756-2021 12/03/21 Jeric Auto Parts and Enterprises  45 liters Synthethic Oil – 10W-30W & etc. For The maintenance of the Vehicle of ENRD              68,760.00
N-741-2021 11/26/21 LJIM Trading use for SMAW NCII AND GTAWNC II TRAING HANDS ON           159,155.50
S-124-2021 11/25/21 LJIM Trading Admin Office Supply              54,096.50