N-641-2020 16-Nov-20 Kens trading 20 units 10-kg fire extinguishers for PGO 79,900.00
N-1331-2021 29-Dec-20 Travis James Enterprises 15 set aircon outlet/flush type & 116 others for Bayawan District Hospital 498,745.52
N-271-2021 14-Jul-21 Uymatiao Petron Service Center 1 lot diesel fuel for PGO-PESO 99,950.00
N-348-2020 16-Jul-20 Uymatiao Petron Service Center Fuels for the use of the Provincial Tourism unit CY 2020 53,700.00
NE-H160-2021 7-Jul-21 Jrv Traders 600 caps amoxicillin 500mg cap & 81 others for Canlaon District Hospital 406,662.80
S-H110-2021 7-Jul-21 Linde Philippines (south) inc 300 tank/cylinder medical oxygen, refilled standard 1,800 PSI/5.6 cu 5,600 liters for PHO 178,500.00
NE-H162-2021 14-Jul-21 Tsaleach Trading 200 bot alcohol isosprophyl 70% 500cc screw type cover & 39 others for Siaton District Hospital           783,660.00
NA-H179-2021 4-Aug-21 Newborn hearing screening reference center 2000 pcs newborn hearing screening registry card (for three (3) months) for PHO           100,000.00
S-H114-2021 29-Jul-21 Rpb Commercials 200 vials immunoglobulin passive vaccine for PHO           370,000.00
N-H165-2021 5-Aug-21 St. michael Enterprises 2 Lots various materials for building repairs &  maintenance for Bindoy District Hospital              73,522.25
N-H124-2021 4-Aug-21 Labtraders Inc 1 unit bio safety cabinet w/ specs for PHO           495,000.00
N-H171-2021 4-Aug-21 St. michael Enterprises 22 pc male plug (heavy duty) rubber, black & 5 others for Bindoy District Hospital              82,425.15
S-H107-2021 7-Jul-21 Tsaleach Trading 100 set infusion set – Adult & 4 others for Mabinay Medicare Community Hospital              11,890.00
V Five Marketing 100 set infusion set with burette 150cc & 5 others for Mabinay Medicare Community Hospital              26,407.00
Nexco Medical Enterprises 200 bot plain LR 1000ml for Mabinay Medicare Community Hospital              13,000.00
S-H101-2021 1-Jul-21 Matiao Marketing Inc 40 tanks LPG 50 kgs for PHO           160,000.00
N-H96-2021 1-Jul-21 Copylandia Office Systems Corporation 1 unit photocopier for PHO              60,299.00
NA-H178-2021 3-Aug-21 Newborn Screening Center – Central Visayas 1050 pcs newborn screening filter paper (expanded) for Community Primary Hospital        1,837,500.00
D-H177-2021 4-Aug-21 Dewan Trading 60000 cubic m. Liquid oxygen for PHO        3,780,000.00
S-H94-2021 23-Jun-21 Rpb Commercials 150 vial amikacin 125mg/ml, 2ml & 47 others for Guihulngan District Hospital           687,647.84
D-256-2021 1-Jul-21 Fast Autoworld Phil. Corp. To furnish labor and materials for spare parts of the service vehicle Montero sport with Plate Number NN5956 assigned in the Office of the Governor           249,482.39
N-198-2021 16-Jun-21 SMDCT Multi Media Enterprises Tourism promotions through website and social media accounts/ads of provincial tourism unit           890,000.00
N-227-2021 1-Jul-21 Ramar Kooling system & services 1 unit airnconditioning unit floor mounted, heavy duty for PGO/Board of management              94,975.00
N-159-2021 26-May-21 Carol Enterprises 80 liters oil for diesel and 10 others for PGO           269,337.50
N-277-2021 23-Jul-21 Jeric Auto Parts and Enterprises 1 Lot various lubricants for government vehicles of PGSO              57,174.00
S-H108-2021 7-Jul-21 Macrophil Pharma & Medical supplies 700 vial ampicillin + sulbactam 750mg vl & 13 others for PHO           937,175.00
NE-H118-2021 15-Jun-21 Rpb Commercials 425 pcs Coverall (Hazmat) & 2 others for PHO           869,955.00
N-H137-2021 1-Jul-21 J-sam’s Link Trading 10 pcs drawer lock & 12 others for PHO              54,037.00
N-201-2021 16-Jun-21 Algorithm Computer Services Lot 1 1 unit laptop and Lot 2 1 unit desktop for Provincial Treasurer’s Office           136,970.00
N-234-2021 1-Jul-21 Caballes Printing Press 2 Lots various General Forms 103 for Provincial Treasurer’s Office           151,357.50
N-197-2021 16-Jun-21 Unitown Publishing House/Metropost 2 Lots labor and materials for Printing and Publication of Statement of Receipts Sources (SRS) and Statement of Expenditures (SOE) for Provincial Treasurer’s Office           320,600.00
N-252-2021 7-Jul-21 AJM Auto Parts trading 4 pcs tubeless tires, 265/65 R16 all terrain & 2 others for Prov. Agriculturist Office           155,760.00
N-273-2021 14-Jul-21 Lynel enterprises 2 groups various materials for Rug making for PGO-PESO           145,589.40
N-111-2021 8/4/2021 PRECIOUS DON TRADING 14 units Steel Cabinet 4-drawer For use in the Office of the Provincial Engineer 167,996.50
SU-H115-2021 5-Aug-21 Cherodyll Commercials 1 amps aminophylline 250mg & 28 others for Bindoy District Hospital           196,450.00
N-478-2019 29-Oct-21 Subida souvenirs Labor, materials and concept for the construction /production of 1 unit tourism landmark to be installed at sidlakang negros village fot tourism           198,500.00
S-19-2021 5/10/2021 LJIM TRADING Installation of Waterworks System at So. Kapayawan, Brgy. Ampanangon, Jimalalud, Neg. Or. 658976.73
S-45-2021 6/2/2021 Lynel Enterprises Improvement of Waterworks System Brgy. Paniabonan 198,749.50
N-1200-2021 10-Dec-21 Lynel enterprises 1 unit fire filing cabinet for PTO           109,500.00
SU-50-2021 18-May-21 Quantum Dlux Tour Services Van Rental to be used during the Regional Peace and Order Council Meeting on May 23-27, 2021 for PGO           131,500.00
S-404-2021 11-Dec-20 Rpb Commercials 1 box ASO, rapid test & etc. for the use at Laboratory SECTION of NOPH           361,727.00
S-221-2020 10/13/2020 PER CONSTRUCTION & SUPPLY Additional Appropriation for the Construction of Multi-purpose Evacuation Center Brgy. San Miguel Bacong Neg. Or. 642,706.42