N-272-2021 30-Jul-21 LJIM Trading 50 units android/smart television, 32 inches for PGO           809,900.00
S-59-2021 5-Jul-21 Lynel enterprises 50 pcs artfile tm and 27 others for Secretary’s office           152,038.10
N-125-2021 3-Jun-21 Ace Logic Computer Solutions 15 units printer with built in CISS for PGO           130,425.00
N-47-2021(A) 21-Apr-21 Ms Ann’s Foodtown Meals and snacks on April 21 and 28,2021 @Brgy. Bactic and Luyang, Mabinay for 775 pax for PGO           382,075.00
N-285-2021 5-Aug-21 JVS Audio System 3 lots I.T equipments for Library Hub              22,895.00
N-268-2021 14-Jul-21 Ljim Trading 2 lots catering services for the training on meat processing for PGO-TLDC              99,599.60
N-198-2021 16-Jun-21 SMDCT Multi Media Enterprise 1 lot tourism promotions through broadcasting of existing promotional video in Philippine cable television free to air digital tv in airports and in seaports nationwide tourism video is 30 minutes to be broadcasted daily for two months for Prov. Tourism U           890,000.00
S-H94-2021 23-Jun-21 Rpb Commercials 150 vial amikacin 125mg/ml, 2ml & 46 others for Guihulngan District Hospital           462,677.84
Altomed pharmaceutical inc. 300 vial ampicillin + sulbactam 750 mg vial for Guihulngan District Hospital           224,700.00
S-H114-2021 29-Jul-21 Rpb Commercials 200 vials immunoglobulin passive vaccine for PHO           370,000.00
N-116-2021 28-May-21 A&A’s Eatery & Catering Services Various meals training on September 1, 2,3,7,8,9,10,14,15,16,17,21, 2021 for Agriculturist           328,308.00
N-926-2018 12/27/2018 ON-LINE TRADING Congcreting of Sta. Agueda – Naga Road, Pamplona Neg. Or. 911,118.12
S-69-2021 7/21/2021 LJIM TRADING Additional Appropriation for the Completion of Pink Room NOPH, Dumaguete City 352,936.70
NA-H179-2021 4-Aug-21 UPM TRUST AND LIABILITY FUND (Newborn hearing screening reference center ) 2000 pcs newborn hearing screening registry card (for three (3) months) for PHO           100,000.00
S-H96-2021 23-Jun-21 V Five Marketing 25 boxes gloves surgical sterile free-powder natural rubber latex size 7 50’s & 200 packs gauze sponges, pre-cut 4″ x 4″ x 100’s for mabinay medicare community hospital              44,571.00
Tsaleach Trading 200 bots alcohol isoprophyll 70% 500ml & 2 others for mabinay medicare community hospital              30,200.00
Bio1 Medical Warehouse Inc. 10 boxes disposable syringe 20cc 100’s & 10 pcs asepto irrigation syringe, 60ml for mabinay medicare community hospital                7,680.00
N-H158-2021 30-Jul-21 J-sam’s Link Trading 5 set hinges 3-1/2 & 23 others for PHO           114,992.82
S-H125-2021 12-Aug-21 Rpb Commercials 480 vials inactivated purified rabies vaccine prepared on vero cell for PHO           858,720.00
N-294-2021 13-Aug-21 Boss Enterprises 1 lot various contruction materials of PGSO           486,585.00
D-275-2021 30-Jul-21 Global Copier Trading 12 pcs toner cartridge, ES5162 for BAC              74,820.00
N-289-2021 13-Aug-21 Qualpest Control Solutions To furnish labor and equipment for disinfection through fumigation for PGSO
N-281-2021 23-Jul-21 Jeric Auto Parts and Enterprises 2 groups various spare parts for PGSO
NE-93-2021 19-May-21 J-sam’s Link Trading 50 bags cornseed, conventional hybrid,yellow 18kg/bag & 1 other for Agriculturist
S-171-2020 8/25/2020 JHO JAMES ENT. Construction of Canal along Provincial Road Particularly at San Antonio St., Pob. Sibulan, Neg. Or. 603,599.65
N-246-2021 7-Jul-21 Ljim Trading 4 pcs tires, 265 R65 R17,good quality and 1 other for PGO-ENRD              87,800.00
N-228-2021 23-Jun-21 Labampaco Meals and snacks on June 23-24,2021 for 60 pax for PESO              99,000.00
N-281-2021 23-Jul-21 Dgte. AVM battery enterprises inc. 1 pc battery 12v 11 plates N70 11 plates & 2 others for PGSO              84,165.00
S-H128-2021 12-Aug-21 4a Agroscience Corporation 122 liters chemicals for impregnation, deltamethrin ICS 2 years expiry orientation on its proper storage handling and safety precautions for PHO           548,878.00
N-1309-2020 23-Dec-20 4g Auto Parts labor and materials for the repair and replacement of parts of Nissan Navara with plate # SGF 717 for PHO              73,367.00
N-132-2021 8/19/2021 PRECIOUS DON TRADING For use of various service vehicles assigned in the Provincial Engineer’s Office. 177,780.00
N-113-2021 8/13/2021 4G AUTO PARTS For use of various service vehicles assigned in the Provincial Engineer’s Office. 183,930.00
N-220-2021 07/07/21 Margal Medical Supplies 2000 vials rabies vaccine(animals) 10 dose /vial & etc. fot PVO use           606,040.00
N-220-2021 07/07/21 J-sam’s Link Trading Tiletamine Zolazepam, Anesthetic, 1 vial + 1 solvent              67,500.00