Gov. Roel Degamo said he expects the Task Force Enigma to provide him with the results of its investigation on the involvement of suspects in the plot of his alleged assassination and other crimes in Negros Oriental.

Degamo issued a warning to his “enemy” that he will never be afraid, but he will be inspired to serve the people of the province, and described the acts of his detractors as the work of evil rooted in deep envy and hunger for power.

He said he believes the firearms confiscated from the two suspects were to be used to assassinate him. The police recovered firearms and explosives from them.

Degamo also said the incident confirmed his suspicions about the personalities behind the death threats and the attempt on his life, but refused to name the personality until the investigation results are released.

Police provincial director, Senior Supt Edward Carranza, promised to strengthen security to ensure the safety of the Governor. He also instructed all police stations in the province to intensify their checkpoints, and the implementation of Oplan Bakal and Oplan Sita.

Carranza said the Task Force Enigma will collate all evidences and investigate the cases with possible links to the arrest of the two suspects.

Meanwhile, Degamo promised to protect Carranza in the possible request for the transfer of the provincial director, after the apprehension of the two suspects and the investigation of shooting incidents involving important personalities.*