Addendum No. I

December 5, 2011


          This Bid Bulletin is issued to clarify some items and to inform prospective Bidders of the following changes and/or modifications in the Terms and Conditions laid down in the pertinent bid documents for the two (2) projects “To provide labor, materials and equipments for the execution of GWBVMH – Upgrading to CEMONC Facility (T-51-2011)” and “To provide labor, materials and equipments for the execution of BAYAWAN District Hospital – Upgrading to CEMONC Facility (T-52-2011)”


  1. Section 12.1(a)(iii.12) of the Bidding Documents under “Documents comprising the Bid: Eligibility and Technical Components” : The NOTICE OF AWARD AND NOTICE TO PROCEED are the documents required to support the Statement of ON-GOING and JUST STARTED PROJECTS.


  1. 2.     Section 12.1(a)(iii.13) of the Bidding Documents:  Only the CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION AND OWNER’S ACCEPTANCE are required to support the STATEMENT OF COMPLETED, SINGLE AND SIMILAR CONTRACTS while  the CONTRACTORS PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEM (CPES) is not anymore required.


  1. 3.     ITB Clause No. 12.1(a)(iv) of the Bid Data Sheet:  The required PCAB License is “SMALL B –GENERAL BUILDING”


For the information and guidance of all concerned.




      BAC Chairman