Addendum No. 1


This Bid Bulletin is issued to inform prospective Bidders of some changes and/or modifications introduced by the Bids and Awards Committee for the requirements “Purchase of Thirty (30) Units Tractor 90HP for used in the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, Province of Negros Oriental” under Bid No. B-249-2023 with an ABC of  P63,000,000.00. This shall form an integral part of the Bid Documents


Notice is hereby given that all interested bidders are informed that due to the letter request of the end-user (please see attached), there is a need to delete the technical specifications under Letter CDisc Harrow and its detailed specifications of the abovementioned project requirements, while Disc Plow be retained as one of the implements required in the procurement project.




  1. Disc Harrow

Model                     ————————–    20 x 24

Length, mm            ————————–     5250

Width, mm                ————————-    2420

Height,mm             —————————    1370

Number of gangs   ————————–     2

Type of Disc           ————————–     Plain

Number of disc per gang    —————-     10

Diameter of disc, mm      ——————-    560

Width of harrowing, mm (min.)  ———-    1900


Bidders are enjoined to take note and consider the above mentioned changes in the preparation of their bids.


For the information and guidance of all concerned.


          Issued this 21st day of November, 2023.





           BAC Chairman