February 15, 2019

Addendum No. 01

This Addendum is issued to modify or amend item in the Bid Documents (Invitation to Bid) for the subproject described below:

Subproject Name:         Rehabilitation and Improvement of Hilaitan to                                      
                                             Trinidad Farm to Market Road
Subproject ID No.:       PRDP-IB-R007-NOR-001-000-000-2017-AF
Location:                       Province of Negros Oriental
Estimated Project Cost (EPC):                 PhP 318,077,000.00
Pre-Bid Conference Date:       March 7, 2019
Bid Opening Date:                    March 20, 2019

In consideration of the PCAB Resolution No. 186 Series of 2014 dated 23 April 2014 which was amended by Resolution No. 365 Series of 2014 dated 10 September 2014, this supplemental/bid bulletin is issued to amend Bid Data Sheet Clause 12.1.d which states that:

“In case of joint venture, the JV Agreement, if existing, or a signed Statement from the partner companies that they will enter into a JV in case of award of contract.”

The foregoing shall be replaced with:

“In case of joint venture, a valid Joint Venture Agreement and copy of the Application for Special License of Joint Venture filed with the PCAB, or copy of the Special License of Joint Venture if already issued.”

This amendment shall form part of the bid documents,

For guidance and information of all concerned.


Bids and Awards Committee