Addendum No. 2


This Bid Bulletin is issued to inform prospective Bidders of some changes and/or modifications introduced by the Bids and Awards Committee for the requirements “Various Medicines for the use at Pharmacy Section of NOPH under Bid No. B-111-2016, ABC:P43,289,535.00, viz:


Definition of “wet formulation” by NOPH OR Department:


–      Is a volatile process specifically on anesthetic drug which turns form a liquid formula to a gas formula once it goes out from the bottle. The bottle has a built in nozzle that fits to the anesthesia vaporizer that automatically seals off when full, thereby spillage is prevented. The sealing off will also guarantee that the anesthesia drug is still potent and effective on its further usage.


2016 IRR of R.A.9184 provision of new NFCC computation:

– The computation of a prospective bidder’s NFCC must be at least equal to the ABC to be bid, calculated as follows:


NFCC: [(Current assets minus current liabilities) (15)] minus the value of all outstanding or uncompleted portions of the projects under ongoing contracts, including awarded contracts yet to be started, coinciding with the contract to be bid.


The values of the domestic bidder’s current assets and current liabilities shall be based on the latest Audited Financial Statements submitted to the BIR.


Bidders are enjoined to take note and consider the following changes in the preparation of their bids. 


For the information and guidance of all concerned.


          Issued this 14th day of December, 2016.


                          NESTOR R. VILLAFLORES

                                         BAC Chairperson



For BAC Chairperson:




                                     BAC Secretariat Head