The Provincial Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking and the Visayan Forum are looking into reports of massive recruitment of sugar cane workers from Vallehermoso for Bulacan, via Bacolod City and Cebu.

During the Kapihan forum and briefing on the Republic Act 9208 Thursday, a reactor claimed to have personal knowledge about the illegal recruitment activity of a certain Macario who was brought to Bulacan, and that some of them never returned home, or are believed to be missing.


Visayan Forum officer, Marlene Pepino, said their counterpart in Bulacan will verify reports and gather evidences, if any, so they can take appropriate action.

Meanwhile, Assistant Provincial Prosecutor Eugene Salon of PIACAT said trafficking is a continuing offense and without one basic element, it would be hard to prosecute, especially if the crime is not consummated.

In Negros Oriental there has been no conviction for such crime since PIACAT was organized three years ago.

Interception of recruits at the ports of the province does not prove the guilt of the illegal recruiter, without the receiver and the person in charge of transporting them, Salon said.*JG