Republic of the Philippines
Office of the Governor
 Appraisal & Disposal Committee
Capitol, Dumaguete City
May 10, 2024
The Provincial Government of Negros Oriental through its Provincial Disposal Committee is inviting offers for the public auction by way of SEALED BIDS on the following Unserviceable Properties for disposal on “AS IS WHERE IS” basis.
Item No. Qty Unit Description Estimated Weight per unit (kls)  Floor Price/kilo ₱  Estimated Total Cost
1.) 2 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R12 5 1.50 per Kilo                        15.00
2.) 14 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R13 7                      147.00
3.) 58 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R14 12                  1,044.00
4.) 115 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R15 17                  2,932.50
5.) 59 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R16 20                  1,770.00
6.) 99 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R17 25                  3,712.50
7.) 19 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R18 40                  1,140.00
8.) 223 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R20 50                16,725.00
9.) 36 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R24 55                  2,970.00
10.) 32 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R25 60                  2,880.00
11.) 1 pcs. Tire, Outer Casing, R34 65                        97.50
12.) 45 pcs. Tire, Motorcycle (assorted sizes) 2                      135.00
NOTE: LOT 4 – Bid should be on “Take All Basis”. Winning bidder must pull-out all the Tires enumerated above.
Proposed Date Activity
 May 28-June 6, 2024 Advertisement/Posting of Invitation to bid

–          Provincial Capitol Bulletin Board

–          City Hall Bulletin Board

–          PGSO Bulletin Board

–          BAC Bulletin Board

June 3-4, 2024 Inspection by interested parties of the properties to be disposed
June 5, 2024 Pre-bid Conference(3:00pm)
June 5, 2024 Issuance of Bid Form
June 6, 2024 Deadline for submission of sealed bids/opening of bids (3:00pm)
June 7, 2024 Evaluation of Bids
June 10, 2024 Issuance of Notice of Award
June 11, 2024 Actual Disposal of the properties subject of the public auction

Terms and Conditions:

1.      The offer shall be in kilos and should not be less than the floor price.
2.      Bid Security in the amount of 10% of the Estimated Total Cost which is equivalent to Php. 3,356.85 shall be
         posted and shall be submitted together with the Bid Quotation Form.
3.      Bid offer must include all items listed therein and that no items should be excluded.
4.      In the event of unreasonable refusal or failure of the winning bidder to perform or consumate the
         sale within ten (10) working days from receipt of the Notice of Award, the aforesaid Bid Security
         shall be  forfeited in favor of  the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental.
5.      Interested bidders shall submit Qualification documents such as Mayor’s Permit or Business Permit.
6.      The Provincial Government reserves the right to accept or reject any or all auction.




Provincial General Services Officer