Notice of Award






LEGAZPI Premium Development Corporation

2nd FloorLegazpiPremiumMarketingBuilding,

Rizal Street, Cabangan, LegazpiCity, Albay



Dear Sir / Madame:


We are happy to notify you that the REHABILITATION OF PROTECTION DIKE OF AJONG RIVER, SIBULAN, NEGROS ORIENTAL (P 48,550,000.00) is hereby awarded you as the Bidder with the Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid at a Contract Price equivalent to Forty Eight Million Five Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Six and 2/100 Pesos (P 48,528,406.02).


You are therefore required, within ten (10) calendar days from the receipt of this Notice of Award, to formally enter into contract with us, and to submit the Performance Security in the form and the amount stipulated in the Instructions to Bidders. Failure to enter into the said contract or provide the Performance Security shall constitute a sufficient ground for cancellation of this award and forfeiture of your Bid Security.



Very truly yours,





Provincial Governor








Name of Bidder: LEGAZPI Premium Development Corporation


Date: _______________