Ref. No. Date Supplier Description Amount
B-96-2020 09/24/2020 MG CONSTRUCTION To hire contractor to provide materials, labor, and equipment for the “Additional Appropriation for the Construction of Multi-Purpose Evacuation Center, Barangay Olandao, Basay, Negros Oriental” which includes the following scope of work:

Item No. Item of Work Quantity Unit
I Signages 1.00 lot
II Mobilization/Demobilzation 1.00 lot
III Excavation Works 37.63 cu.m.
IV Reinforcing Steel Works 4,054.77 kgs
V Formworks and Scaffoldings 1.00 lot
VI Concrete Works 40.49 cu.m.
VII Masonry Works 324.00 sq.m.
VIII Steel Works 11,404.50 kgs
IX Roofing Works 1.00 lot
X Painting Works 388.14 sq.m.
Contract Duration: 73 Calendar Days