Ref. No. Date Supplier Description Amount
B-209-2019 11/21/2019 MIGHTY HOK SUMMIT CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT CORP. Rebidding of the requirement One (1) Lot Cluster Bidding,
To hire contractor to provide materials, labor and equipment for eight (8) Infrastructure Projects, viz:
1 Improvement of Nagbinlod – Canggabok Farm to Market Road, Sta. Catalina, Neg. Or. P490,000.00
2 Impv’t. of Farm to Market Road from proper Milagrosa to So. Banlas, Milagrosa, Sta. Catalina, Neg. Or. P490,000.00
3 Concreting of Road, Brgy. Caigangan, Brgy. Amio, Sta. Catalina, Neg. Or. P980,000.00
4 Impv’t. of San Jose – Omol Farm to Market Road, Santa Catalina, Neg. Or. P784,000.00
5 Impv’t. of Barangay Road, Caigangan, Santa Catalina, Neg. Or. P490,000.00
6 Improvement of San Miguel to Buenavista Road, Sta. Catalina, Neg. Or. P4,900,000.00
7 Repair of River Control, Barangay Amio, Santa Catalina, Neg. Or. P1,470,000.00
8 Const. of River Control along Sicopong River Brgy. Amio, Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental 1,960,000.00