Negros Oriental Governor Roel Ragay Degamo reiterated the construction of the four-storey Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital central block building is finished according to the design and the approved specifications.



“It is ready for use,” the governor emphasized.


In fact, the governor said portions of the first and second floors are now temporarily used as additional hospital spaces but in a limited capacity since the building has not been issued yet with an occupancy permit by the city government of Dumaguete.


Governor Degamo reported to the heads of department of the provincial government that the application for an occupancy permit is still pending before the office of the city mayor of Dumaguete since January of this year.


This is one of the reasons why the building could not be fully utilized because there are some requirements essential to the operation of the central block building that are still pending in the concerned agencies.


Add to the above reasons are the lack of some equipment, fixtures and other necessary facilities needed for the full operation of the central block building due to the non-approval of the proposed 2016 annual budget which approval is still pending before the Sanguniang Panlalawigan.


Gov. Degamo explained the management of the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital could not move because there are certain things that are beyond its control and this is among the concerns that need to be addressed immediately. He said this is the reason why the approval of the 2016 budget is very important.


Governor Degamo hopes positive results will finally be achieved when the proposed 2016 budget will be tackled again by the Sanguniang Panlalawigan after it was reviewed by an ad hoc committee composed of representatives from the SP and the Office of the Governor.


Earlier, it was agreed that an ad hoc committee be formed to initially discuss the PDPFP, PDIP, AIP and the annual budget to thresh out portions which have been questioned during the PDC meetings.


“This is why the approval of the 2016 budget is very important because appropriations for the operation of the central block building are there,” the governor said.     


The governor added he also hopes that the general public, especially the clients of the provincial hospital, continue to understand the predicament of the provincial government.


“As much as we want to have the central block building the home of our clients and the symbol of how serious we are in improving the health care delivery in the province, we have to deal with various adversities and this is part of the challenge in local governance,” Govenor Degamo said.


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