As the first 100 days of Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo comes to a halt, the governor, whose climb to the gubernatorial seat was one for the books, described his “honeymoon period” as “not a bed of roses.”


Degamo faced the local media at the Capitol today during which he presented the highlights of his accomplishments since he took over the highest political seat in the province on January 5, 2011, following the consecutive demise of two governors before him- first, the late Gov. Emilio C. Macias II and his successor, the late Gov. Agustin Perdices. 


Degamo called his honeymoon stage as “a period of frenzied activities.” “It was one piled up on top of the other, to sum it up into one very hectic schedule,” he said during the press conference.

The first 100 days of a political leader is traditionally called the “honeymoon” period, a transition stage marked by general good will between the elected official and his constituents. 


Although his administration can still be considered in its infancy stage, Degamo said he has received more positive feedback from various sectors. “This tells me that we are moving in the right direction,” he stressed.


After Degamo hastily took his oath after the unexpected demise of former Gov. Perdices, he hit the ground running as he tried to finish the programs left by his predecessors and at the same time come up with his own program of government.  

On March 31, the governor launched the “Sa Probinsya, MagDEGAMO Ta!”, a program hinged on his centerpiece program of government dubbed HELP or Health, Education, Livelihood Programs. 


Under HELP, several projects are now underway the Governor outlined in his speech, foremost of which is the construction of 29 additional classrooms, upgrading of the six community primary hospitals, construction of support infrastructures for local tourist spots, among others. 


The governor added that he intends to finish the infrastructure projects started by his predecessors. 


About 70 projects are currently ongoing amounting to some 46 million pesos, some of which were programmed and funded during the term of former Gov. Macias. 


Degamo vowed to triple his efforts for the next days under his administration. “As your governor, I want to see all of you live a healthy, peaceful and happy life,” he said. with reports from (RMN/PIA-7 Negros Oriental)