After it was launched in April this year, the Mobile Surgical Team formed by the Provincial Government is set to bring their wares to the town of Bindoy for another round of surgical mission.


The second round of the surgical mission is slated on August 17-19 at the Bindoy District Hospital where various medical services will be delivered.


These include both major and minor operations such as the conduct of appendectomy and circumcision along with dental services such as tooth extraction.


Other add on services will include body massage and hair cut.


The Mobile Surgical Mission is one of the main thrusts of the Provincial Government under the Sa Probinsya-MagDEGAMO Ta! with H-E-L-P or HELP  as its centerpiece program– which stands for Health, Education, Livelihood Programs and Projects for peace and development.


Governor Roel Degamo will lead the team in the said activity which is composed of the medical personnel from the NOPH, the chiefs of hospitals and the Rural Health Units of  Bindoy, Ayungon and Tayasan– also known as the BINATA inter-local health zone. It is actually a cluster of the three local government units mentioned earlier which are joining hands to help in the management and operation of the Bindoy District Hospital.

The team will also be joined by the members of the Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists or PAMS and the Association of Cebu Eye Specialists or ACES who will conduct free minor and major surgical procedures including eye related concerns.


The Mobile Surgical Team is one of the things specifically stipulated in his list of priorities under his administration in order to provide the necessary medical attention to people who are suffering from various illnesses and who do not have the money to seek the needed medical treatment.


On the other hand, Governor Degamo has thanked the various local government units in the province for their strong cooperation to the various programs of the provincial government which is very necessary for their success.


He said the participation of the mayors in these initiatives is essential considering that they are among the important stakeholders in our district health system.


“Our District Hospitals are the centers of this surgical missions and it is therefore proper and necessary that we seek the help of the local government units which compose the inter-local health zones,” the governor said.