Movements of personnel in the entire health department of the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental are expected in the coming days as Governor Roel Ragay Degamo recently issued a memorandum in order to maximize the delivery of health care services in the entire province.



Governor Degamo made the statement in a meeting with the department heads recently. The governor specifically addressed his statement to Provincial Health Officer Dr. Henrissa Calumpang for her to immediately craft the guidelines to effectively implement his order.


The governor this is part of the continuing effort of the provincial government to further improve the delivery of health care services being one of the top priority programs of his administration under the banner H-E-L-P or health, education, livelihood programs and other projects for peace and development and as the centerpiece of his program of government dubbed as the Sa Probinsiya Magdegamo Ta.


Among those who will be detailed to new assignments within the provincial government’s health system are some of the chiefs of hospitals in the different community and district hospitals and heads of department of the provincial hospital and nurses, among others. 


The governor explained this new thrust should not be viewed as degrading, counterproductive or even a political harassment, as some sectors have alleged, on the part of the affected parties. But rather, the governor said, it is a way of enhancing the capabilities of the health personnel who will be dealing with new environments.


“This is not a new thrust of my administration. In fact, if I remember correctly, right from the start of my tenure as governor, I immediately issued a stern warning to my health personnel to be serious in the fulfillment of their respective functions to further improve the delivery of health services,” the governor stated.


Earlier, the governor emphasized that he wanted to see improvements in the health system especially on personnel attitude toward their clients which, for the longest time, has been among the common complaints of those who were admitted in the facility.


“I wanted change in the provincial government’s health system especially on the attitude of the health personnel toward their clients. He added that those who refuse to shape up will be dealt with accordingly.”


He said everything should be improved to compliment the physical improvements and developments implemented within the health system especially the construction of new facilities such as state-of-the-art central block building, acquisition of sophisticated diagnostic and laboratory equipment, among others.


Gov. Gegamo ordered Dr. Calumpang to draw out the guidelines for the movements of the personnel so as not to derail the services of the various hospitals of the provincial government. The governor said he believes this move will improve their capability as this will trigger new enthusiasm on the health personnel toward their work.  


Provincial Administrator Atty. Richard Enojo also explained that the movements/re-assignments of employees are among the inherent powers of the appointing authority to ensure that goals and objectives of the organization will be met.


He said this should not be viewed as harassment because the governor recognizes the ability of these personnel to handle the job they are tasked to perform. These employees should be thankful for that.


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