Dr. Mark Macias, son of the late Gov. Emilio Macias II, who offered his services as a consultant at the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital was thanked by Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo.

Degamo said he welcomes the young Macias as part of the NOPH which his father had always included in his priority plans and programs.

Macias was present at the launching of the provincial government’s Mobile Surgical Team in Siaton, the hometown of Degamo and the late Gov. Macias.

Mark Macias, an orthopedic doctor, was formerly in private practice in Manila, until he and his family decided to return to Negros Oriental.


Of the six children in the family, four have followed the footsteps of their late father and their mother, Dr. Melba Pandy Macias, both medical doctors.

Dr. Mark Macias said he had always dreamed of coming back to Negros Oriental and had told his wife, Melanie, shortly before their wedding, about his plan.

He said it feels good to be able to give back to the people of Negros Oriental, the province that his father so loved and had served until he died on June 13, 2010.

The young Macias said arrangements have been made with NOPH where he will perform surgery for indigent patients for free, on condition that the hospital allow him the use of its facilities and equipment.

For now, the young Macias, who said he was not thinking of politics, added that he supports the Degamo administration in its efforts to improve the lives and health of Negros Oriental constituents, which his late father and the incumbent governor have listed as their top priorities.*JFP