Negros Oriental Governor Roel Ragay Degamo vows to continue to put forward an aggressive stance in order to bring various infrastructure projects in the barangays in the province which he said are vehicles to attain real peace and development in Negros Oriental.

In line with this, some 5 million pesos worth of infrastructure projects were inaugurated in the three major cities of the province recently by Governor Degamo together with the respective city and barangay officials. 

Various infrastructure projects were implemented in Dumaguete City which amounted to 1.8 million pesos consisting of a road concreting project in Barangay Camanjac worth 500 thousand pesos and another road concreting project located in the road leading to Ben Lu Subdivision in Barangay Batinguel amounting to 1.3 million pesos.

Bais City also received its own share of completed infrastructure projects totaling to 1.3 million pesos implemented as follows: road improvement in Barangay Talungon amounting to 600 thousand pesos; improvement of drainage canal of amounting to 200 thousand pesos; and the improvement of farm to market road in Barangay Oktyot amounting to 500 thousand pesos.

Bayawan City, which got the biggest IRA share among the cities in the province due to its huge land mass, also got a share of development projects coming from the provincial government of Negros Oriental.

The city’s completed projects recently totaled to some 1.8 million pesos implemented in three barangays of Bayawan City.

The various development projects include a multipurpose pavement in Barangay Villareal amounting to 500 thousand pesos; road concreting in Barangay San Miguel with 500 thousand pesos; road concreting in  Barangay Nangka with 500 thousand pesos; and 300 thousand pesos worth of materials for the improvement of waterworks in Barangay San Miguel.

Governor Degamo said these are among the various infrastructure projects of the provincial government completed recently.

The people in these areas, through their barangay and city officials, have expressed their gratitude to the provincial government for addressing their concerns regarding good facilities as they are very vital to their daily activities.

Governor Degamo said this is the result of his administration’s approach of going down to the barangay level in order to personally know the real concerns of the people especially in the hinterlands.

He added he will continue to extend his hands of cooperation to the different city, municipal and barangay officials in order to bring about the necessary interventions he promised to serve.

“Mao gayod kini ang direksyon sa akong giduso nga programang “Sa Probinsiya—MagDEGAMO Ta! with H-E-L-P or HELP, which means Health, Education, Livelihood Programs and Other projects, as the centerpiece components to attain peace and development in the Province,” the governor said.

Earlier, the governor stated that the Provincial Government will continue to utilize government projects as vehicles to achieve lasting peace and to effect various developments in the province so the people will live healthily, happily and peacefully.

“Yes, it is very true that the provincial government has strongly supported the AFP in the fight to curve the insurgency problem in the province, but we have to also push for the needed intervention such as infrastructure projects which are very essential especially in the hinterland barangays,” the governor said.

He said it has been proven not only here in the country but everywhere else that pure military action cannot win the war and attain peace and development but that it can also be attained through peaceful means by bringing the government closer to the people through government programs and projects.


Conflict manageable—development ready.


The governor said this direction will continue as Negros Oriental will finally be declared as a conflict manageable and development-ready province through a joint declaration by the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental, the Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police the signing of which will be held on May 7, 2014.

The joint declaration naming the province as conflict-manageable and development-ready will be signed by Governor Degamo of Negros Oriental, Brigadier General Francisco Patrimonio of the 302nd Brigade, and Police Senior Superintendent Mariano Natu-el, OIC of the Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office.

Governor Degamo said he will continue to solicit the help and offer partnership to the various sectors so as to immediately put in place the needed government services to the people.

The governor explained this is because he believes that the real and bigger challenge will come after the declaration as winning the war is one thing and sustaining peace is another thing.

“We need to double our efforts since the reason why the conflict has become manageable is because the people trust the government and this is where the challenge really comes on how we are going to sustain this,” the governor said.

“This can be sustained through serious implementation of government programs, bringing the needed services to the people and showing that the government cares for them,” he concluded.