Mayors who attended the first state of the province address delivered by Gov. Roel Degamo yesterday lauded the governor’s programs of government which focused on the areas of health, education and livelihood.

Speaking before a packed Provincial Board Session Hall at the Legislative Building here, Degamo promised concrete, meaningful solutions to current problems as he intends to continue the programs started by his two predecessors.



Ayungon Mayor Edsel Enardecido, who also sits as vice-president of the League of Municipalities (LMP) here, said he found the governor’s agenda doable, simple and realistic.“I am impressed with his programs of government as they will directly benefit the people,” he said.

Valencia Mayor Ricardo Gonzalez shared Enardecido’s views although he advised the governor to wield an iron hand when implementing the programs he mentioned in his speech. “There are some projects there that needs to be implemented with firmness and an iron hand to make sure that the program is pushed thru,” he said.

On the other hand, Jimalalud Mayor and LMP President Reynaldo Tuanda, Sr. described the governor’s speech as sincere and honest. “His plans for the province are doable since these are supported with funds, so there is no reason why he should fail,” he said.

Tuanda, however, noted that most of the agenda outlined in the governor’s program of government are not new as these are the programs of the two previous governors. “But I sense that he intends to complete what has been started since he said he wants to complete these plans of development before his term ends in 2013,” he said.

Engr. Greg Uymatiao, chairman of the Negros Oriental Business Development Foundation (NOBDF) who came to listen to the governor’s address, likewise echoed Tuanda’s observation. “Those were also the plans and programs of the past administration. But I think his programs are comprehensive, and I think he is determined to continue the programs of the previous governor,” he said.

Degamo rose to the top of the provincial political ladder when he became first as vice governor after the death of then Gov. Emilio Macias II in June last year, and then as governor after the demise of then Governor Agustin Perdices.

In his speech, Degamo outlined the various programs he plans to implement under his agenda for progress that he dubbed as HELP or Health, Education, and Livelihood Program such as completion of the four-storey central block project of the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital with the aim of decongesting the hospital, continuation of former Gov. Macias’ school building program, aggressive development of tourism sites such as the Tambobo Bay. (RMN/PIA-7 Negros Oriental)