Governor Roel Degamo has shunned an order designating a new officer in charge of the Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office, saying the usual selection process has been bypassed.


Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos was supposed to assume office yesterday after his designation as the new OIC NOPPO director, to replace Senior Supt. Mariano Natu-el Jr.

Degamo said he was surprised to learn that Carlos was named the new OIC, because he was never consulted or informed of his appointment.

His rejection of the designation order of Carlos has resulted in a status quo at the moment.

The designation order of Carlos was signed by Police Director Dominador Eslava Aquino of the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management of the PNP national headquarters. Degamo said he is curious about the circumstances in the designation of Carlos considering that he never requested for it.

In fact, Degamo said, he was hoping that the PNP will send him a list of three names of qualified police officers from which he would choose the NOPPO director. He added that he wants the name of Natu-el, who has been the NOPPO director since February 2014, included in the list.

Degamo said his refusal to accept Carlos has nothing to do with him personality, but more about the procedure. The law provides that a governor choose the PNP provincial director from a list of three names of qualified police officers. In case he or fails to make any choice, the PNP will designate an OIC.

Sources from the Police Regional Office 7 based in Cebu said Chief Supt. Prudencio Tom Bañas, the regional police director, has put on hold the order for Carlos to assume office until further notice from higher headquarters.

Degamo said yesterday he will withdraw support to the local PNP if Camp Crame will insist on putting an OIC without following procedure.

He added that Natu-el has performed well, especially against the illegal drugs problem, and he cannot understand why a performer will be replaced at the height of the campaign.

Degamo said he suspects narco-politics is in the offing in the province. If the PNP will force the issue, he is threatening to cut all support to the police.*JFP/JG