Negros Oriental Governor Roel Ragay Degamo welcomed the appointment of Police Senior Superintendent Nestor Tiempo as the new Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office (NORPPO)) director replacing Police Senior Superintendent Harris Fama.


Supt. Tiempo officially assumed office in a turnover ceremony held in the PNP-NIR Regional Office yesterday. In an earlier report, it was announced that Supt. Fama was personally handpicked by PNP Director General Ronald Bato De La Rosa to handle a police attaché post to china.

Gov. Degamo officially welcomed Supt. Tiempo’s appointment during the latter’s courtesy call in his office today. 

The governor said he is very much satisfied with the appointment of Tiempo which came as a no surprise to him since he was among those he recommended to head the NORPPO before but the PNP leadership appointed Supt. Fama.

The governor added he is supportive of the recent movements in the PNP leadership in Negros Oriental as he believes this is for the career advancement of both Fama and Tiempo. He immediately embraced the appointment of Supt. Tiempo because the governor already had prior knowledge of the capability of Supt. Tiempo to bring about the necessary actions to curb out all forms of illegal activities in the Negros Oriental such as illegal drugs and illegal gambling, respectively.

Gov. Degamo immediately referred to Tiempo Executive Order 2015-10 which he issued last year which strongly stipulates his marching order for the authorities to seriously run after all forms of criminal activities in the province.

While the executive order covers all forms of illegal acts, Governor Degamo said he understands the fact that the PNP prioritizes its crusade on the illegal drugs trade especially so that this is the topmost priority of President Duterte himself.

In fact, Gov. Degamo said he strongly supports the “Oplan Wagtang” which is the priority program to be implemented by Supt. Tiempo. As explained, the Oplan Wagtang is also in line with the directive of the president and the PNP chief which is to clean the PNP ranks of scalawags, to run after illegal drug traders, to eliminate other forms of criminalities and file appropriate charges against erring police officers and individuals. 

Meanwhile, Gov. Degamo wishes Supt. Fama all the best in his quest to advance his professional career and at the same time thanks him for a job well done during his tour of duty in the province of Negros Oriental most especially for keeping law and order during the conduct of the elections.   

Gov Degamo said, with the appointment of Tiempo, who was himself one of those he recommended to head the PNP leadership in the province, he is hoping for a more vibrant police activity for a much better law and order situation in Negros Oriental. (AYS)