Negros Oriental Governor Roel Ragay Degamo turns another leaf as he celebrates his 48th birthday tomorrow with more special activities added to the celebration on top of the birthday party usually prepared for him by his family and the officials and employees of the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental.

Governor Degamo was born on April 29, 1966.

As always, every time the Governor celebrates his birthday, he never fails to thank the Lord for never failing to shower upon him the continuous graces of good health and physical and mental strength in order for him to be able to carry out all his functions and obligations for both his personal and professional life. As is now known to many, if not all, the Governor performs his duties and obligations with all the dedication and commitment he considers what the people of the province deserve and also in accordance with His will.

The Governor said he considers himself fortunate to have been given the chance to serve the people of Negros Oriental especially so that he comes from humble beginnings whose early dream to serve his district. The fact that he has accomplished a lot at a relatively young age, he feels really blessed.

“Ever since, I have always dedicated all my achievements, both personal and professional, to Him who is the source of everything in this world because I believe that without Him I am nobody.  Because of this, I made a vow to make the most out of all the blessings that he continues to shower upon me, my family and the people of Negros Oriental.  I have made a covenant for me to make a significant contribution for the betterment of the life of every Negrense in particular and the whole province in general,” Governor Degamo said.

The governor would also like to thank all the individuals, organizations and institutions for always being there to help him carry out his functions as the top man of the provincial government.  Governor Degamo even expects greater and bigger challenges as Negros Oriental had been declared as a “conflict-manageable and development-ready” province.  Although, the official declaration is happening on May 7 yet.

“As governor of the province, I always consider everything as a blessing. May they be trials or hardships, and of course all the good happy ones, as blessings because all those teach us lessons that contribute to us becoming better and stronger persons,” Gov Degamo said.

Gov Degamo added that like in the past, he expects scores of well-wishers coming from all walks of life to come and celebrate with him tomorrow and he assures every one they are all welcome.

Meanwhile, medical mission and feeding activities will be held simultaneously tomorrow as part of the Governor’s birthday celebration. He said the holding of such is his way of sharing with the less fortunate the blessings heaped upon his person in the past year.

The latest round of medical mission will be held in Bais City specifically at the Bais District Hospital where hundreds of people are expected to avail of the various free medical services.

A feeding activity will also be initiated with the inmates of the Negros Oriental Detention and Rehabilitation Center (NODRC) as beneficiaries and another one for the patients and watchers at the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH).

The feeding activity has become one of the main features every time the Governor celebrates his birthday ever since he assumed the Office of the Governor last January of 2011. He knows very well the financial status of these people and he is very much aware how a delicious and nutritious meal would always be welcomed by them.