Governor Roel Degamo had vowed to make available five million pesos for the immediate implementation of the road concreting from Barangay Poblacion to Barangay Linantuyan, Guihulngan City.


Governor Degamo revealed his plan after he had personally traversed the road when he attended the annual fiesta celebration of Barangay Linantuyan.


The governor actually witnessed the bad condition of the road network leading to Barangay Linantuyan which he said he traveled for about three hours. He said there were several portions that were hardly passable and he wanted them prioritized for concreting.

He added he was informed that the 5 million pesos will be able to concretize a total stretch of eight kilometers.


“It was really a bumpy ride and there were even times that we decided to walk through our way,” the governor said.


The governor admitted he was warned not to travel by land for security reasons but he defied such warnings because he wanted to show everyone he really means business in running the affairs of the Provincial Government.


He said he is not afraid to take challenges because he believes the people themselves will defend him if they see him doing the job right.


In fact, the governor added, he was told that he was the first governor to travel by land from Poblacion, Guihulngan to Barangay Linantuyan.


It may be recalled that Barangay Linantuyan used to be among the places of concerns of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) it being identified as among the havens of the insurgents.


After several government interventions and constant government presence, it was declared free from the influence of the NPA rebels.


Earlier, the Provincial Government under the term of the late Governor Dodo Macias included Linantuyan High School for the school building program dubbed as Basta NEGOR-Education 104. The construction is now on going.     


Gov. Degamo said he will continue his full support to projects that will help the Provincial Government’s desire to attain peace and development in Negros Oriental as outlined in the centerpiece of his program of government called HELP or Health, Education, Livelihood Programs, Projects and Peace.


The governor said the Provincial Government is very much willing to pour in counterpart funds for projects that are aligned with the direction set by his administration especially when they are geared towards the attainment of total peace in the Province.


“The Provincial Government can only do so much because it is dealing with several and various concerns so we need the support of the different sectors for the benefit of our people,” the governor finally said.