The activities of the Buglasan Festival this year will be brought back to the capitol grounds fronting the capitol building– the venue of the first wave of the Buglasan Festival after it was revived by the Provincial Government in 2002.

This decision was reached during the meeting with the different local government units, called by Negros Oriental Governor Roel Ragay Degamo, in order to discuss plans to bring the activities of Buglasan back to the capitol grounds including the booths of the LGU’s.

The above plan, however, encountered resistance from the mayors who said they are going to support the various Buglasan activities but the plan of constructing another booth in the capitol grounds is not quite practical as all local government units presently feel the impact of their reduced share of the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA).


Governor Degamo shared the sentiments of the mayors and this prompted him to modify his plans with the support of the people of the province.

He said the booths of the LGU’s will still be showcased at the SNV but some other activities will be held at the capitol grounds which also paves the way for private corporations and other business establishments to put up their own corporate booths and conduct business at the same time.

“Sidlakang Negros Village” (SNV) will remain as the show window of all the Provincial Government’s efforts in the promotion of culture, arts, heritage and tourism potentials in the Province of Negros Oriental.” the governor said.


This was the assurance made by the Governor amidst plans to bring all the activities of the Buglasan Festival back to the capitol grounds fronting the capitol building.

“The SNV will always be our show window but for some Buglasan activities we thought of bringing them here in front of the capitol.” the governor said.

Originally, the Governor wanted to have local government units put up their booths in the capitol grounds and even promised a 100 thousand subsidy to them. The mayors however begged off due to the unavailability of funds as the promised subsidy will not surely be enough to put up their respective booths.