The Enegry Development Corporation in Southern Negros Geothermal Production Field is coordinating with the local government  units in Negros Oriental and concerned government  agencies on the proper dissemination of the rain gauge data.  

Dwight  Maxino, vice president  of the EDC and resident manager of Southern Negros Geothermal Production field, said  they are now concerned over how to properly interpret the rain gauge data they have been collected.

The EDC-SNGPF led by Maxino recently invited  PAG-ASA provincial chief Edsin Culi, provincial coordinator of the Provincial Disaster Risk reduction Management Council Angelo Tiongson,  Adrian Sedillo, Valencia Mayor Enrique Gonzalez, and some councilors and the media.

Maxino said the company has been disseminating the rain gauge data to the media and to the local government units but they are not aware about how these agencies have been interpreting them.     Their only warning is to inform the public that the Buayahan overflow is no longer passable, to signal that a strong flood is coming.

The warning is given to areas that might be affected by flooding by the Okuy and Banica rivers.   The data has been disseminated and shared to alarm  the public  on the flooding.

The  EDC- SNGPF  has established a rain gauge data in the mountains of Valencia, Negros Oriental as they are  part of their area of responsibility. 

There are three rain gauges placed in three areas which are already automated. The alarm is automatically set at a certain level during a strong or heavy rain.

Culi explained that there are different types of rains that can contribute to the data collection of the rain gauge.  He said they are willing to extend their help to EDC –SNGPF personnel assigned in the rain gauge meter   in order to properly analyze and interpret the data.*JFP