The Department of Interior Local Government (DILG) leads in the orientation on disaster preparedness manual yesterday with about a hundred local government units (LGUs), academe, civil society among others in Dumaguete City to know its level of readiness and strengthen the local disaster plans.



The DILG saw the need to assist the local chief executives in terms of disaster preparedness action, since they are appointed as the front liners in the community during calamities, as mandated by law, said DILG provincial director Dennis Quiñones.


DILG pursues to strengthen the capacity while maintaining the active participation of LGUs in responding to calamities and disasters in their communities.


Under R.A. 10121, the LGU is mandated to ensure safety and resiliency of communities to face the challenges of disasters.

The operation manual is a guide on what are the proper steps to do before, during and after disasters and calamities.


Quiñones said this is also a tool to minimize mistakes that will cost grave destruction to lives and properties.


The manual contains three critical preparedness actions: Alpha (Yellow), Bravo  (Orange), and Charlie (Red). Alpha actions will be done by LGUs inside the cone but are farthest from the direct typhoon track.


Bravo presumes Alpha actions have been done coupled with additional acts that are essential for LGUs near the vicinity of the direct typhoon path.


While Charlie, assumes that Alpha and Bravo actions have already been done and additional actions must be undertaken to address the severe threat of the typhoon by those in its direct path.


DILG’s  Operation Listo responds to the continuing threat of natural disasters that confront LGUs.   It is an extensive action that aims to inform Filipinos, especially the LGUs on the importance of right preparations and actions in times of calamities. (mbcn/jct/PIA7-Negros Oriental/with reports from Sheena Mae Diongco, SU intern)