Gov. Roel Degamo has ordered a thorough environmental probe on the alleged giant “rockslide” from Valencia caused by the collapse of a certain earth dam, which sent tons of flood water and giant rocks down the river ways, ripping apart anything that stood on its way. 

Environmentalists and anti-disaster groups cannot still fully explain why with only three hours of rain last December 17 would cause such multi-million damage to crops and properties in Central Negros Orienal.

A probe is now being conducted to determine as to what measures to take to halt any flooding of such magnitude should the next typhoon come along.

The Province of Negros Oriental, through the Office of the Task Force GUARD headed by Engr. Dominador Dumalag, Jr., met with stakeholders and several representatives of the provincial and municipal risk reductiongroups, the GIS and NOSDEP, to assess and verify reports of a “dam” in Valencia which collapsed during Typhoon Sendong, sending tons of debris down the river ways and damaging millions worth of property, infrastructure, and even lives.

Governor Roel R. Degamo issued an urgent order and sent a team to investigate and document the areas of Mt. Talinis, Apolong, Casaroro and Sagbang as soon as weather conditions improve.


The team initially concluded that there must have been an existing earth dam caused by landslides which have created a pondage, and which, upon reaching its maximum capacity, was triggered by the typhoon, thus releasing tremendous volume of water, sediments and rocks ravaging everything in its path. This seems to be the only explanation why a few hours rain could result into so much water and mud overflowing into spillways and houses.