The 7th ‘Lutong Garbo sa Sidlakang Negros’ will present the nine chefs vying for the annual indigenous foods cooking challenge on Saturday, October 13 at 2:0 p.m. at the Sidlakang Negros Village, Dumaguete City. 

All nine cooks are set for the battle of local culinary food and create originality using native ingredients abundant in their respective areas. 

The chefs are also expected to prepare delectable food using native techniques and ingredients in style. 

The competition banners the theme, “Discovering Developing and Promoting Oriental Negros Culinary Heritage.” 

From the set of choices of ginisang rootcrops with chicken of Bayawan City; vegetables with chicken of Valencia town; embutidong dabong, San Jose; laing con carne, Sibulan; hardinura de pruta of Amlan; 

From Dumaguete City, humba with gabi; takway na may suso of Sta. Catalina; chicken pork lemon grass of Mabinay; and linabog de Zamboanguita from the municipality of Zamboanguita. 

According to the Committee Chair of Lutong Garbo Sylvia Uy, these lists of options will be judged by local culinary experts to include Pepita Villacora, Katherine Fontelo, and Wilfreda Villalon. 

“We are inviting aspiring cooks and food lovers to witness these local master chefs at work, as they sift, chop, sauté, reduce, and garnish indigenous ingredients to create artistic, mouth-watering delicacies, right before our eyes,” said Uy. 

The use of ingredients such as monosodium glutamate, canned goods, imported products, and artificial seasonings are disallowed. (mbcn/JCT/PIA-Negros Oriental)