Negros Oriental needs at least 40 donors everyday to be able to meet the blood supply needs all over the province. 

Philippine  National Red Cross Negros Oriental board chairman, Dr. Henry Sojor, yesterday said that an existing provincial ordinance on blood typing in the barangay level should be implemented to address this. 

Sojor said the board will coordinate with local government units to provide reagents to barangays, who will conduct massive blood-letting and blood typing.

A group calling themselves “Pledge 25” had earlier pledged to continuously donate blood as soon as they reach the age of 18 to 25 years old, to ensure a steady supply of blood from their group. A total of 36 galloners were given recognition for donating blood many times without monetary consideration.

In a speech during the World Blood Donor Day Wednesday, Sojor said he considered the galloners and members of Pledge 25 as living heroes.

Gov. Roel Degamo, meanwhile, has committed to be a partner of the PRC’s blood program in order to save lives, as the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital is also embarking on a program dubbed “Dugo Mo, Buhay Ko.”


The governor said almost everyday, people line up at his office seeking help for blood screening or for blood donors. That is why the provincial government is joining in this intensified campaign for blood donation, he said.

However, a continuing education is needed and an awareness campaign to the people so they can understand the importance of a ready supply of blood, the governor said. 

Degamo said he has been a blood donor himself since the time when he was provincial and regional chair of the Philippine Councilors League in Region 7, where blood-letting was one of their pet projects.*JG