The Lutong Garbo Committee of Negros Oriental’s Buglasan Festival 2011 has set to hold the 6th cook fest on October 15 at the Provincial Agriculturist Office, along the North National Highway, this city.


Committee chair Sylvia Uy of the Lutong Garbo has announced that the Provincial Tourism Office is still accepting entries from different local government units (LGUs) of the province until September 30 to extend the chance of local culinary talents for the cook fest competition.

Sylvia Uy said this food festival promotes Negros Oriental’s native cuisine in celebration with the Buglasan Festival which showcases what the province has to offer to tourists.


The Lutong Garbo is open to all Negrense but duly endorsed by the local executives. The contestant is required to cook a recipe good for ten persons.


All participants of the cooking contest must wear appropriate white cooking attire with hair bonnet and provide his/her own cooking utensils and equipment. These will be inspected including the ingredients before the cooking time.


The main dish or recipe entry must feature ingredients indigenous to the area represented as part of the criteria of the contest; and the use of ingredients such as monosodium glutamate, canned goods, imported products, and artificial seasonings are disallowed.


The contestants are given 15 minutes to prepare, marinate and set up ingredients and an hour to cook and present per main dish.


Food preparation will be judged according to the following criteria: palatability, 40 percent; 40 percent for originality; 10 percent for texture and 10 percent for dish presentation.


Winners for this competition will receive P10,000 for the 1st prize; P7,000 for 2nd prize placer P7,000 and the 3rd placer P5,000 plus a trophy each . For non-winners, consolation prize of P2,5000 cash and certificates of appreciation will be awarded by the Lutong Garbo Competition committee. (PIA/JCT)